Nuraghe Crabioni

We produce our wines in the north of Sardinia by following traditions and respecting this unique natural context. Vermentino di Sardegna, Cannonau di Sardegna and Moscato di Sorso-Sennori: these are the wines that we produce with love and passion.


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Wines of Sardinia - Vermentino, Cannonau and Moscato

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Vermentino, historical, autochthonous Sardinian variety.

Sorso, Province of Sassari.

In the Tresmontes locality, 70 m above sea level, well ventilated.
Density per hectere: 6250 grapevines – yield 75 quintals.

Vertical trellis with simple Guyot pruning.

From sandy to sandy-clayish, chalky and chalky-clayish.

The grape are hand harvested after their level of ripeness on the vine is checked. The grape are pressed. Destemmed and chilled to 12° C.
Soft pressed. The wine then undergoes a long rest on the yeast, which is periodically resettled, until it is bottled.
Serving temperature: 8° – 10° C

Unmistakable character of Sardinia


We like to think there is not simply good wine in our bottles but also something more.
They encapsulate the happy union of land and sea, of ancient knowledge and modern technologies, of love and passion for this territory. Discover them and buy them online to receive them comfortably at your home.

Vermentino di Sardegna DOC

Crabioni Vermentino

Straw yellow color with greenish brushstockes, intense aroma with sweet exotic fruit notes, shades of magnolia, elderberry and almond kernels. A dru wine, it opens with an agreeable sensation of well balanced freshness, the mellowing, with a long, clean finish.
The mouth feel is mellow but livery due to its well ballanced acidity.
A classical match for fish, ideal for disches such as grilled prawns and sea bass: not to mention fish to soups. Mediterranean style baked fish.
Excellent as an aperitif.