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We produce our wines in the north of Sardinia by following traditions and respecting this unique natural context. Vermentino di Sardegna, Cannonau di Sardegna and Moscato di Sorso-Sennori: these are the wines that we produce with love and passion.


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Wines of Sardinia - Vermentino, Cannonau and Moscato

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La Romangia


La Romangia is a territory that overlooks the Gulf of Asinara, located in the north of Sardinia. The area is mainly hilly and includes the municipalities of Sorso, Sennori and Osilo.It is an area that has always been dedicated to viticulture, especially the hilly part and the region towards the coast which has seen the presence of humanity as the architect of its wealth since ancient times. Over the centuries, fertile lands and a mild climate have contributed to the success of this region, especially in the wine sector.

The territory of Romangia di Sorso has always been known for its fine wine. For decades it has been, and still is, the Sardinian town of reference, not only for purchasing excellent wines, but also fine grapes, which have contributed to the creation of the best Sardinian and non-Sardinian wines.

The presence of a particularly fortunate geographical context, the location sheltered from the hot southern winds and a climate mitigated by sea breezes all help determine the vines’ strong attitude, finding the right biological balance in soils ranging from sandy to sandy-clayey, and from chalky to chalky-clayey.