Nuraghe Crabioni

We produce our wines in the north of Sardinia by following traditions and respecting this unique natural context. Vermentino di Sardegna, Cannonau di Sardegna and Moscato di Sorso-Sennori: these are the wines that we produce with love and passion.


Winery and Sales
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Open during the summer season from Monday to Saturday (by reservation only)
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Wines of Sardinia - Vermentino, Cannonau and Moscato

Loc. Lu Crabioni - Sorso (SS - Italy) +39 3318701855 -

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The winery is the beating heart of our company.
Here, the work of transforming grapes into wine is a delicate balance of technique and passion.
This small jewel nestled among the vineyards is equipped with the most modern winemaking technologies, which allow for a production capacity of about 1300 hectolitres in thermo-controlled steel containers.

The entire winemaking process is controlled by computerised systems that manage temperatures and times to ensure the production process is constantly monitored. In addition, the production of the winery has a low environmental impact thanks to technological innovations aimed at energy saving, the production of renewable energy, which makes it energy independent, and the cultivation of vines with the integrated pest management method, which limits the use of plant-protection products.
However, since our company is oriented towards hospitality and enhancing experiences in the winery, we have created a modern and functional area dedicated to tastings with an adjoining sales area, to offer our guests the opportunity to enjoy a complete and satisfying experience.

Tutto il processo di vinificazione è controllato da sistemi computerizzati che gestiscono temperature e tempistiche cosi da monitorare costantemente il processo produttivo. Inoltre la Cantina ha una produzione a basso impatto ambientale grazie alle innovazioni tecnologiche tese al risparmio energetico, alla produzione di energia rinnovabile che la rende energicamente indipendente, alla coltivazione delle vigne con il metodo della lotta integrata che limita l’uso di prodotti fitosanitari.

Siccome però la nostra azienda è orientata all’accoglienza e alla valorizzazione delle esperienze in cantina, ci siamo dotati di una moderna e funzionale area dedicata alle degustazioni con annessa area vendita per offrire ai nostri ospiti la possibilità di vivere un’esperienza completa ed appagante.