Nuraghe Crabioni

We produce our wines in the north of Sardinia by following traditions and respecting this unique natural context. Vermentino di Sardegna, Cannonau di Sardegna and Moscato di Sorso-Sennori: these are the wines that we produce with love and passion.


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Wines of Sardinia - Vermentino, Cannonau and Moscato

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Tenute Nuraghe Crabioni covers an area of 35 hectares, of which around 20 are dedicated to viticulture.

ts slightly hilly position means that it dominates the valley below as far as the Gulf of Asinara and the splendid sea of Sardinia. It includes buildings dedicated to hospitality, winemaking and wine storage. In the company complex there is a nuraghe, from which the name of the winery derives and which our guests can visit during walks or horseback riding.

The company offers its guests various activities related to the world of wine so they can enjoy a well-rounded, satisfying experience.
Now close your eyes and imagine sipping your favourite wine on our “terrace” overlooking the sea, or being able to discover the secrets of the centuries-old history of these places while indulging in a good Cannonau, or relaxing with a cool Vermentino after a walk among the rows of vines on foot or on horseback.


Our vineyards feature the main Sardinian vines such as Cannonau di Sardegna, Vermentino di Sardegna and those particular of our area such as Cagnulari and Moscato di Sorso.


The winery is the beating heart of the company where grapes are transformed into wine through a delicate balance of technique and passion.



We like to think that our bottles don’t just simply contain good wine but also our love and passion for this territory and this work, and the happy union of land and sea.


Ours is an open winery. It is open to all those who want to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy this landscape and fine wine.



It was 2003 when Augusto Seghene (who emigrated while very young) felt a desire to return to his native land. Moved by his passion and love for these places and for wine, he bought the first hectares of vineyards in the countryside of the municipality of Sorso, in the locality of “Tres Montes/Crabioni”, and decided to establish the winery here, which he called “NURAGHE CRABIONI”: NURAGHE for the presence of the “Pala Cannedda” nuraghe and CRABIONI for the abundance of wild figs we call Crabbioni in Sassari.
This place was not chosen by chance.
In fact, vines have been cultivated here for centuries and there are traces of viticulture that date back first to the Nuragic civilisation and then to the Roman period. This has always been known as the “land of good wine” and the secret lies in the quality of the soil and in the saltiness coming from the sea, which enrich the grapes and make the wines unmistakable.
The road to creating what has now become the Tenuta Nuraghe Crabioni has been long and difficult, but it has always been guided by great passion for a magical and unspoiled place, where nature and human knowledge come together to create unique wines.

Today the winery is managed by the second generation, which has embraced the teachings of its fathers and is carrying on this project with the same passion and attachment to the land as those who preceded it.